Is advertising art?

No. Kind of. Sometimes. Not often enough.

Advertising can learn a lot from art though. From the artistic processes, the generation of ideas, the dismantling of systems, and the general willingness to be strange and unusual. They can all inspire advertising to be better.

What do I get?

Inspiration. References. Thoughts. Motivations.

Every edition will focus on an artist, a movement, a personality, a trend from modern art and show how it can be translated into the world of advertising creativity.

Who reads it?

People who work in advertising. People who work with advertising people. People who like advertising (they exist!) People who want to understand art from a different perspective. People who make stuff. People who want to make stuff better. People who are creative. People who say they’re not creative.

Kunst Please?

That’s a podcast about modern art that I also make that has less to do with advertising, and more to do with art. It’s fun to say and fun to listen to!

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